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Ways to Earn Free Bitcoins

15 November 2020

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Crypto Bitcoin

Free Bitcoin can be difficult to obtain, and it is difficult to find a method that is truly worth your time. You can set your home computer as a Bitcoin miner. There are many cashback programs that will reward you for using referral links with cryptocurrency. There are also crypto debit cards that can provide cashback during shopping or transactions.

Bitcoin Mining

The most straightforward way to earn free bitcoins is to turn your computer into a bitcoin mining machine. In Bitcoin mining, the processing power of a computer is used to authenticate the Bitcoin ledger by solving composite puzzles. As a reward for providing this computing power, miners will receive newly minted bitcoins.

Although you can get free bitcoins by turning your computer into an encrypted miner, this is different from the early days of bitcoin, where you can mine bitcoins worth thousands of dollars. Nowadays, it is unrealistic to try to make a profit by turning your computer into a Bitcoin miner and achieving break-even. Even at the current exchange rate, you may have to wait more than ten years to get your money back.

You may not get a high return from it-unless you find a way to get electricity for free, or if you run ultra-high power bitcoin mining equipment-if the market is in your favor, it will generate passive income.


Cashback Programs

If you are willing to spend some time in this process, then online shopping can bring you some free bitcoins. It's not completely free: in a sense, you get paid by payment. But you must spend money to make money.

You can register for the referral program and browse the Internet, as usual, shopping, this is the privilege of your hard-working netizens. If your registered referral program works with online merchants, then you are in luck. Use special links to buy goods on the website, and then the merchant pays to recommend you sources, which in turn will bring you revenue in the form of cryptocurrency (usually Bitcoin).

Crypto Cashback Sites

Lolli is one such website that provides an encrypted cashback system. You can buy from the links on the Lolli website, not from the source, but through the links they give you. Cashback ranges from 0.5% to 27% for e-retailers. This is extracted from the original value of your purchase.

Foldapp is an application similar to Lolli, which allows you to download it to your mobile phone or browser and apply up to 20% of Bitcoin cashback.

Crypto Debit Cards

Many stores still do not accept cryptocurrency, so if you want to use cryptocurrency, you must first sell the currency in the exchange before you can withdraw the currency to your bank account. Crypto debit cards process transactions for you, while providing some form of cryptocurrency rebate, while simplifying the process of using cryptocurrency for online shopping.

This card supports EUR, GBP, USD. For any in-store purchases made with this card known as WireX has a 0.5% crypto cashback. This card has a range of different price points. The free option provides cashback on all purchases, while the MCO Black card provides free Spotify and Netflix, as well as 5% cashback on other purchases.