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Mermaid Halloween Costume

Recommended Mermaid Halloween Costume

The History of Mermaid Costumes for Halloween

Mermaids have been a popular Halloween costume choice for decades. The idea of dressing up as a mystical creature has intrigued people of all ages, and the mermaid costume is no exception. In this section, we’ll explore the history of mermaid costumes for Halloween, from their origins to present-day.

The Birth of The Mermaid Costume

The mermaid costume has its origins in mythology and ancient folklore. Mermaids have been depicted in many cultures throughout history. They are commonly associated with sailors, as they are said to appear to sailors who are lost at sea. The first mermaid costumes were likely made by theater companies for productions of popular plays and musicals, such as “The Little Mermaid.”

Evolution of The Mermaid Costume

As Halloween became more popular, the mermaid costume evolved to become a common choice for both children and adults. At first, mermaid costumes were simplistic, with little more than a full-length skirt and a bikini top. As time went on, the costumes became more detailed, with sequins, glistening fabrics, and intricate designs.

In the 2000s, Mermaid tails became popular options to add a realistic touch to the costume. Tails can be made of different materials like latex or spandex. Brands like ‘Fin Fun’ whose slogan is “Realistic Mermaid Tails For Pool Play or Costume Fun” and ‘Mertailor’ started producing them.

Recommended Mermaid Halloween Costume

Pop Culture Influence on The Mermaid Costume

The mermaid costume has been notably influenced by popular culture. The Disney animated movie “The Little Mermaid” was released in 1989 and quickly became a smash hit. The movie brought the mermaid costume back into the mainstream, and it soon became a go-to Halloween costume for little girls.

In 2016, the movie adaptation of “The Little Mermaid” was released, inspiring a new generation of mermaid lovers to dress up as their favorite sea creature. Other contemporary icons like “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise, which was released in 2003, featured a sultry mermaid named Syrena which inspired adults costume lines.

Cultural Significance of The Mermaid Costume

The mermaid costume has become more than just a Halloween costume; it has become a symbol of female independence and empowerment. The mermaid, with her combination of beauty and strength, represents an ideal that many women strive to emulate. Additionally, mermaid costumes have become associated with beach and pool parties, as well as tropical locales. The mermaid costume has become more than just a costume, catering to lifestyle choices too.

Overall, the mermaid costume has had a long and varied history. From its origins in ancient mythology to its popularity as a Halloween costume, to its contemporary significance as a symbol of female empowerment, the mermaid costume is likely to remain a favorite among costume enthusiasts for years to come.

Recommended Mermaid Halloween Costume

Choosing the Perfect Mermaid Costume

If you’re looking for a costume that is both unique and enchanting for Halloween, a mermaid costume might be just what you need. With your tail, flowing locks, and your flirty fin, you’ll be sure to stand out at any party. Here are some tips to help you choose and create the perfect mermaid costume.

Tail Type

Mermaid tails come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. Some tails are made from fabrics while others resemble real fish scales. There are tails with fins that are split or shaped, and in varying lengths. Choosing the perfect tail has a lot to do with personal preference and comfort. Here are a few things to consider:

  • The type of material: Will it be more comfortable to have a soft fabric that stretches while you dance or something that weighs more and is less flexible?
  • Length of tail: Will you be indoors or outdoors? Make sure to measure the length of the tail, depending on the event. A shorter tail will be easier to move around in if you’ll be dancing the night away.
  • Style of fins: Do you prefer a non-structured, elegantly flowing tail or the structured, angular look of fins?

Top Choices

Pairing your tail with the right top is essential to completing your look. There’s no wrong choice when it comes to pairing tops and various tails, but the following options are popular.

  • Shell top: Create an enchanting look with a shell bra or top. These tops can either be crafted or bought as part of your costume.
  • Sequin bra: Get ready to shine with a sequined bra top that catches the light.
  • Lace top: Add some texture to your outfit with a lace top. This will give your costume a unique look and feel.

Hair and Makeup

Once you have your outfit ready, it’s time to complete the look with hair and makeup. To achieve that perfect mermaid look, here are some things to try:

Recommended Mermaid Halloween Costume
  • Hair extensions or a wig: Add some length to your hair with extensions or a wig. This will help create that flowing, underwater vibe.
  • Mermaid-inspired makeup: Use shimmery blue and green eye shadows and a bold lip to create a stunning aquatic look. Include some glitter to bring your costume to the next level.
  • Accessories: Don’t forget the little things that make a big difference, such as a seashell hair clip or earrings.

Where to Buy

Mermaid costumes can be found online, at specialty costume shops, or can be made at home. Research and compare prices and reviews before choosing where to purchase. You can also buy the materials needed for your DIY costume online or in-store.

Creating the perfect mermaid costume can be as simple or as detailed as you’d like. By following these simple tips, you’ll be ready to impress at your next Halloween party.

DIY Mermaid Costumes

Mermaid costumes have been a popular Halloween trend for decades, and for those who want to stand out from the crowd, why not try creating one yourself? DIY mermaid costumes are not only affordable, but also provide the opportunity to personalize the costume according to one’s desired style. Here are some ideas and steps to create a mermaid costume at home:

Materials Needed

Before starting the DIY process, here are the required materials:

Recommended Mermaid Halloween Costume
  • A nude or flesh-toned bodysuit or form-fitting shirt and leggings
  • Fabric glue or a sewing machine
  • A colorful fabric for the fin, such as sequined or shiny green
  • Decorative materials, such as seashells, rhinestones, and pearls
  • A hot glue gun
  • A fishnet for the hair, or a mermaid-inspired wig
  • Mermaid makeup and accessories


  1. Create the Tail Fin:
    • Cut the fabric, ensuring it is wide enough to wrap around the waist and long enough to trail or drag on the floor.
    • Make sure it flares out and tapers towards the end, like a fish’s tail.
    • Once the fabric is cut, use either fabric glue or a sewing machine to attach the fabric to the leggings or bodysuit.
  2. Add the Decorative Touches:
    • Next, it’s time to add some creative touches to the costume.
    • Use the hot glue gun to add seashells, rhinestones, glitter or pearls to the costume based on your personal preference.
    • Adding these touches will give the costume a more realistic and authentic look, taking it to the next level.
  3. Mermaid Hair:
    • Next, muss up your hair, using a fishnet to hold it up. A mermaid-style wig is also a great option.
    • Accessorize your hair with seashell or pearl hairpins to complete the look.
  4. Mermaid Makeup:
    • Apply mermaid inspired makeup such as blue eyeshadow, dramatic eyeliner, and shiny pink lipstick.
    • Add faux scales using fishnet stockings, placed over cheekbones or other areas to replicate a realistic and intricate look.

With these steps, your DIY mermaid costume is now complete! This costume is unique and customizable to any personality, and with a little creativity and imagination, it can be made to fit any body type. Additionally, this costume will not only impress others, but it will also be memorable for years to come. It can also serve as a fun family bonding activity, with each family member designing their own mermaid costume according to their style. Overall, creating a mermaid costume is a fun, affordable, and unforgettable way to celebrate Halloween!

Mermaid Makeup and Accessories

Mermaids are a popular costume choice for Halloween. They offer a unique and beautiful look that is both magical and mystical. To complete the mermaid costume, it is not necessary to restrict yourself to the tail. There are many variations of makeup, hairstyles, and accessories that can enhance the mermaid look. Below are some of the tips and tricks to get the perfect mermaid look with mermaid-inspired makeup and accessories.

Mermaid Makeup

The mermaid makeup usually consists of textures and colors that evoke the sea, such as blues and greens. Giving your face an ethereal quality is the key. Below are some of the key elements that can enhance the mermaid look:

Foundation and Concealer

The base of every good mermaid makeup is a flawless complexion. Use a foundation that blends well with your skin tone and helps to give your face a glow. Apply a concealer that is one shade lighter to hide any blemishes or dark circles under the eyes.

Recommended Mermaid Halloween Costume


Highlighter is essential for creating the mermaid look. Apply a highlighter on the tip of your nose, under the eyebrows, above the cheekbones, and chin to give your face a luminous, dewy look.


For the eyes, consider using shades of blue such as seaglass, azure, and midnight blue, and blend them with seafoam greens and shimmering silvers. Adding a touch of sparkle enhances the ethereal look. Be generous while applying and blending eyeshadows with a brush.

Eyeliner and Mascara

A well-defined, thick liner look enhances the eyes, and waterproof options are the best for long-lasting wear. Apply eyeliner to the top and bottom lid and smudge it softly. Lastly, apply a waterproof mascara to the lashes for a volume effect.


Peach, pink, and coral hues work well for lipsticks on mermaid makeup as they help in giving a youthful appearance. If you prefer bold and dramatic lips, choose a deep, rich purple or cherry red color.

Recommended Mermaid Halloween Costume

Mermaid Accessories

Complete your mermaid look with beautiful accessories that add to the charm of your costume.

Seashell Crown

The seashell crown is an iconic and recognizable accessory for the mermaid look. A tiara made with shells and pearls is the perfect finishing touch.

Fishnet stockings

Fishnet stockings are an accessory that can add to a subtle mermaid look. It’s best to wear them in shades of blues and greens to add to the sea-inspired theme.

Mermaid Jewelry

Mermaid-inspired jewelry features beautiful seashells, starfish, and pearls. Add a long necklace, bracelet/s, and earrings to your mermaid look, and you’ll look like you stepped out of a fairy tale.

Recommended Mermaid Halloween Costume

Hair accessories

The hair deserves some attention, too. You can style your hair in beachy waves or wear it in a messy, loose braid. Enhance your hairstyle with a pearl hairpin or a hair clip with sea-inspired elements.

Mermaid-inspired makeup and accessories are crucial to completing the ultimate mermaid costume. With a little creativity and inspiration, you can create a unique and magical look that is both beautiful and memorable.

Top Mermaid Costumes for Kids

If you’re looking for a fun and unique Halloween costume for your child, a mermaid costume is a great choice! With its vibrant colors and sparkling details, a mermaid costume is sure to make your child feel like she’s living under the sea. Here are some of the top mermaid costume options for kids:

Classic Mermaid

The classic mermaid costume is a popular choice and for good reason. It typically features a bodice, mermaid tail skirt, and a few accessories, such as a shell headband or faux pearl necklace. Whether you opt for a bright, bold color or a more muted tone, your child is sure to make a splash in this classic costume.

Recommended Mermaid Halloween Costume


For many children, Princess Ariel from “The Little Mermaid” is the ultimate mermaid. As such, an Ariel costume is a great way to indulge your child’s love for this iconic character. A typical Ariel costume includes a purple and green mermaid tail skirt, a shell bustier, and a long red wig. Some costumes even come with a seashell headband or starfish clip.

Shimmering Mermaid

If you want your child’s mermaid costume to really stand out, consider a shimmering mermaid outfit. These costumes feature iridescent fabrics, sequins, and glitter to create a look that shimmers and sparkles in the light. Some options include a mermaid skirt or pants with attached fins, and a matching top with sequin detailing.

Toddler Mermaid

Even the tiniest mermaids can get in on the fun with a toddler-sized mermaid costume. These costumes often feature bright colors, ruffle details, and a scaled effect on the tail. They may also include a headband with attached starfish or other sea-inspired accessories.

Mermaid and Dolphin

If your child loves both mermaids and dolphins, consider a mermaid and dolphin costume set. These costumes often come as a pair, with one costume designed to look like a dolphin and the other as a mermaid. Some sets even include a wearable stuffed toy or plushie to complete the under-the-sea theme.

Recommended Mermaid Halloween Costume

Mermaid Tutu

For a more playful twist on the classic mermaid costume, consider a mermaid tutu. These costumes feature a tutu skirt with mermaid tail detailing, as well as a matching top or a cute shell tank. They are perfect for younger children who may find a more traditional mermaid costume too cumbersome to wear.

No matter which mermaid costume you choose for your child, she is sure to make a splash this Halloween! With so many options available in various styles and designs, you’re sure to find the perfect mermaid costume that will make your child feel like the star of the sea.

Mermaid Costume Ideas for Groups

If you’re dressing up for Halloween as a group, mermaids can be a fun and unique theme. Here are some mermaid costume ideas for groups of all sizes.

Mermaid Squad

For a group of four or more people, consider dressing up as a mermaid squad. Each member of the group can have a different color scheme, with colors like green, blue, purple, and pink being popular choices. To create the mermaid tail, use fabric or a mermaid skirt. Pair the mermaid tail with a seashell top or a halter top. For accessories, consider wearing a seashell hairpiece, fishnet stockings, and mermaid-inspired jewelry.

Recommended Mermaid Halloween Costume

Underwater Creatures

If you have a bigger group, you can include other sea creatures in your costume. For example, one member of the group can dress up as a mermaid, while others can dress up as a shark, octopus, or sea turtle. You can even include a scuba diver in the group to complete the underwater scene. To create the costumes, start by deciding on a color scheme or theme. For example, all the costumes can be shades of blue or green. For the mermaid costume, follow the instructions above. For the underwater creatures, use fabric and accessories to create the desired look.

Mermaid and Sailor

For a group of two, consider dressing up as a mermaid and a sailor. To create the mermaid costume, use the instructions above. For the sailor costume, wear a navy and white striped shirt, a sailor hat, and white pants or shorts. You can also include sailor-inspired accessories like a life preserver or a captain’s hat.

Mermaid and Pirate

Another option for a group of two is to dress up as a mermaid and a pirate. For the mermaid costume, use the instructions above. For the pirate costume, wear a white shirt with a vest, black pants, and black boots. Add pirate accessories like a hat, eye patch, and sword. This combination creates a fun and unique contrast between the elegant mermaid and the rough and tough pirate.

Mermaid Couples

If you’re looking for a mermaid costume idea for couples, consider dressing up as mermaids in love. To create the costumes, follow the instructions above for the mermaid costume. Then, add special accessories like heart-shaped sea shells or matching jewelry to show the love between the two mermaids.

Recommended Mermaid Halloween Costume

Seahorse and Mermaid

For a group of two, one person can dress up as a seahorse and the other as a mermaid. To create the mermaid costume, follow the instructions above. For the seahorse costume, use a green or orange bodysuit and attach a white or brown seahorse head to the top. Add additional seahorse accessories such as a seahorse tail, seahorse wings, or a seahorse crown.

These mermaid costume ideas for groups provide a unique and fun way to enjoy Halloween with your closest friends or family members. With a little imagination and creativity, you can create a memorable costume that will have everyone talking.


In conclusion, mermaid Halloween costumes have been around for a long time and continue to be a popular costume choice for adults and children alike. The history of mermaid costumes for Halloween is quite interesting and has evolved over the years. From film and television characters to mythical creatures, mermaids have become a staple in Halloween costumes.

Choosing the perfect mermaid costume can be a daunting task, but with the right tips and tricks, it can be easy to find a mermaid costume that fits your body type and personal style. DIY mermaid costumes are also a great option for those who want a unique and personalized costume. Creating your own mermaid costume can be a fun and creative process.

Recommended Mermaid Halloween Costume

To complete the mermaid look, accessories and makeup are key. From seashell crowns to fishnet stockings, mermaid-inspired accessories can add the perfect finishing touch to your costume. Mermaid makeup can also be intricate and beautiful, with shimmering eyeshadows and glittery lips.

For kids, there are many adorable and popular mermaid costumes to choose from. Whether it’s a Disney-inspired costume or a more traditional mermaid costume, children can have a magical Halloween dressed up as a mermaid.

Lastly, for those looking to dress up as a group, mermaid costumes can be a great option. Coordinating costumes can be fun and creative, and there are many ways to make your group mermaid costumes unique and personalized.

Overall, mermaid Halloween costumes are a fun and popular choice for Halloween. From the history of mermaid costumes to DIY options and accessories, there are many ways to create a beautiful and realistic mermaid costume. Whether you are dressing up alone or with a group, a mermaid costume is sure to make a splash this Halloween.

Recommended Mermaid Halloween Costume