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Madea Christmas Cast

Recommended Madea Christmas Cast

Introduction to the Madea Christmas Cast

If you’re looking for a heartwarming and humorous holiday movie, then Madea Christmas should be on your list. This 2013 comedy-drama film is the eighth installment in the popular Tyler Perry franchise and centers around Madea, a sassy grandmother character played by Tyler Perry himself. Madea Christmas tells the story of the McCoy family, whose on-going family feud threatens to put a damper on their yearly festivities. The story takes a turn when Madea, the McCoy family’s matriarch, arrives uninvited and decides to help the family address their problems.

The Plot

Madea Christmas is a film that follows the story of a family feud that stems from the patriarch’s past infidelity. However, when Madea arrives, it becomes clear that she has the key to resolve all of their issues. As the family tries to begrudgingly navigate their strained and awkward relationships, Madea’s wit and humor bring them all together.

The Message

One of the reasons behind the huge success of Madea Christmas cast is the movie’s ability to convey a positive message of hope and love during the holidays. It sends the message that we should leave our differences aside and celebrate the season of love and giving together.

Tyler Perry as Madea

Tyler Perry, the man behind Madea, is an accomplished actor, director, writer, and producer. He is the creative force behind the Madea franchise and even serves as the writer and director of most of his films. Perry brought a unique blend of humor and emotion to the Madea character, which is evident in every scene of the movie.

Recommended Madea Christmas Cast

Supporting Cast

Aside from Tyler Perry’s character, Madea, other notable members of the cast included Chad Michael Murray, Anna Maria Horsford, Tika Sumpter, and Larry The Cable Guy. Chad Michael Murray delivered an outstanding performance as the charming local farmer, Tanner McCoy. Anna Maria Horsford played Eileen McCoy, Tanner’s mom, who tries to keep things under control during the family get-together, and Tika Sumpter as Lacey, Tanner’s love interest. Larry the Cable Guy added some humor to the plot as Buddy, a local guy trying to win Tanner’s mother’s affections.

Final Thoughts

The Madea Christmas cast hit all the right notes. It provided all of the humor, drama, and heart that you’d expect from a Tyler Perry movie, especially during the holiday season. The movie was a huge success, grossing $28.5 million at the box office, and it resonated with audiences of all ages. Whether you’re a fan of Tyler Perry’s Madea or simply looking for a feel-good film to watch this holiday season, Madea Christmas cast is the perfect pick.

Meet the Lead Cast

In “A Madea Christmas,” Tyler Perry played the popular role of Madea. Chad Michael Murray played the role of Tanner McCoy, and Anna Maria Horsford played the role of Eileen McCoy. In this section, we will go into further detail about the main characters of the movie.

Tyler Perry as Madea

Tyler Perry played the role of Madea, the tough-talking, no-nonsense grandmother who always manages to get in her own way. Madea has become one of Perry’s most popular and beloved characters, and it was no different in this movie. Perry manages to bring humor and heart to the character, making audiences both laugh and sympathize with her.

Recommended Madea Christmas Cast

Chad Michael Murray as Tanner McCoy

Chad Michael Murray played the role of Tanner McCoy in “A Madea Christmas.” Tanner is a farmer who hires Madea and her friend to help with his farm. Murray is best known for his role on the hit TV show “One Tree Hill,” and he brought his usual charm and talent to the role of Tanner. He and Perry have fantastic chemistry on screen, making their scenes together some of the most memorable in the movie.

Anna Maria Horsford as Eileen McCoy

Anna Maria Horsford played the role of Eileen McCoy, Tanner’s mother. Eileen is a traditional southern woman who is not thrilled about her son’s new business venture. Horsford brings her usual talent and energy to the role, making Eileen a character that audiences both love and love to hate.

Other Notable Cast Members

While Perry, Murray, and Horsford are the leads in the movie, there are several other notable cast members worth mentioning. Tika Sumpter played the role of Lacey, Tanner’s love interest. Larry The Cable Guy played the role of Buddy, a local farmer and friend of Tanner’s. Kathy Najimy played the role of Kim, Madea’s friend who joins her on her trip to the farm. Each of these actors brings their own unique talent and personality to their roles, making the movie even more enjoyable to watch.

The cast of “A Madea Christmas” is one of the movie’s greatest strengths. Tyler Perry makes Madea a character that audiences will always remember, while Chad Michael Murray and Anna Maria Horsford bring their own charm and talent to their roles. The supporting cast, including Tika Sumpter, Larry The Cable Guy, and Kathy Najimy, also delivered unforgettable performances and helped make the movie a holiday classic.

Recommended Madea Christmas Cast

Supporting Characters

Madea Christmas features a star-studded cast that brings the movie to life like never before. The supporting roles played by actors such as Tika Sumpter and Larry The Cable Guy add depth and humor to the movie. Here are some of the notable actors who played supporting roles in the movie:

Tika Sumpter as Lacey

Tika Sumpter played the role of Lacey, a strong-willed woman who has to deal with a troublesome relationship with her mother. Sumpter’s performance in the movie was highly praised, and her chemistry with the lead actors helped to make the movie more enjoyable to watch.

Sumpter, who started her career on daytime soap operas, has gone on to make a name for herself in Hollywood. She has appeared in several movies and TV shows, including “Ride Along,” “Gossip Girl,” and “The Haves and the Have Nots.”

Larry The Cable Guy as Buddy

Larry The Cable Guy played Buddy, a redneck character with a sense of humor that makes the movie even funnier. His portrayal of Buddy was spot-on, and he gave a great performance that complemented the other actors in the movie.

Recommended Madea Christmas Cast

Larry The Cable Guy, whose real name is Daniel Whitney, is a well-known comedian and actor. He is best known for his stand-up comedy, and his signature catchphrase “Git ‘er done!” He has appeared in several movies, including “Cars,” “Tooth Fairy 2,” and “Jingle All the Way 2.”

Kathy Najimy as Kim

Kathy Najimy played the role of Kim, a woman who has a secret that she’s keeping from her family. Najimy’s performance in the movie was convincing, and she played her character with such ease that it made the movie more enjoyable to watch.

Najimy is an American actress, comedian, and activist. She is best known for her roles in movies like “Sister Act,” “Hocus Pocus,” and “The Wedding Planner.” She has also lent her voice to several animated shows, including “King of the Hill” and “American Dad!”

Alicia Witt as Amber

Alicia Witt played the role of Amber, a character who struggles with finding her place in life. Witt’s portrayal of Amber was convincing, and she played the character with a vulnerability that made her relatable to audiences.

Recommended Madea Christmas Cast

Witt is a multi-talented artist who has had a successful career as both an actress and a musician. She has appeared in several movies and TV shows, including “Cybill,” “The Walking Dead,” and “Mr. Holland’s Opus.” She is also an accomplished musician and has released several albums.

Other Supporting Cast Members

Other notable actors who played supporting roles in the movie include Eric Lively as Clay, Jonathan Chase as Bailey, and Lisa Whelchel as Nancy. Each of these actors brought their unique style to the movie, adding depth and dimension to the storyline.

The supporting characters of Madea Christmas played a critical role in bringing the movie’s storyline to life. With an exceptional cast of actors playing these roles, the movie was a success both commercially and critically. These supporting characters showcased the breadth of the talent that Tyler Perry’s Madea franchise is known for.

Making of the Film

The making of “Madea Christmas” is a fascinating tale of talent, location, and dedication. Here are some of the most notable elements of the film’s production process.

Recommended Madea Christmas Cast

The Production Process

Tyler Perry wrote, directed, and produced “A Madea Christmas and filmed the entire movie in just 15 days, an incredibly short timeline for a Hollywood production. It is also one of the few Tyler Perry movies not shot in Atlanta, Georgia, where his studio is located. Instead, the movie was filmed in Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

Cast and Characters

Tyler Perry’s status as a writer and producer is reflected in the quality of the “Madea Christmas” cast. Perry himself stars as the hilarious and quick-witted Madea, Anna Maria Horsford plays Eileen McCoy, and Chad Michael Murray plays Tanner McCoy. Tika Sumpter plays Lacey, Buddy’s girlfriend and the daughter of the McCoy family’s farmhand, while Larry The Cable Guy plays Buddy, a good-natured country boy who forms an unlikely bond with Madea.


The movie was filmed on location in rural Georgia and North Carolina. The rural farm setting captured the essence of the holiday season perfectly, with its warm, inviting atmosphere, and stunning backdrop. Tyler Perry’s team expertly utilized the natural landscapes to create a cinematic experience that captures the essence of Christmas on the farm.

Interesting Facts

The movie was originally intended to be a “straight-to-DVD” release. However, after two preview screenings in Atlanta, the positive audience feedback convinced Lionsgate to give the movie a theatrical release.

Recommended Madea Christmas Cast

Tyler Perry had planned to retire his iconic Madea character before filming “A Madea Christmas.” However, the financial success of the film convinced him to bring the character back for several more movies.

Tyler Perry was inspired to write “Madea Christmas” by his experiences growing up in the South and wanting to create a movie that felt like a homecoming.

Tyler Perry also took inspiration from the classic holiday films of the past, such as “Miracle on 34th Street,” “It’s a Wonderful Life,” and “A Christmas Carol.”

The making of “Madea Christmas” is a testament to Tyler Perry’s skill as a filmmaker, writer, and actor. The film’s talented cast, beautiful location and unprecedented filming time make for one of the most memorable holiday films of recent times. Even years after its release, audiences still enjoy watching “Madea Christmas” and celebrating the holiday season with their loved ones.

Recommended Madea Christmas Cast

Box Office Success

Tyler Perry’s Madea Christmas was released on December 13, 2013, and grossed over $16 million during its opening weekend. The film ended up making almost $53 million at the box office on a budget of $25 million, making it a moderate success for the franchise. Here are some subtopics to consider:

Opening Weekend Gross

Madea Christmas opened alongside other highly-anticipated films such as The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug and Frozen. Nevertheless, it still managed to debut at #3 on the box office charts with a weekend gross of $16.0 million.

Overall Box Office Revenue

Despite lukewarm reviews from critics, Madea Christmas had a decent showing at the box office. The film earned a total of $52,543,354 domestically and an additional $1,586,019 from its international release, bringing its worldwide gross to $54,129,373.

Audience Reception

Although not a critical darling, Madea Christmas was well-received by its core audience of Tyler Perry fans. The movie has a 36% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with the critic consensus reading, “It boasts a few good laughs, but overall, Tyler Perry’s A Madea Christmas ranks among Perry’s least entertaining or substantive works.”

Recommended Madea Christmas Cast

However, filmgoers who typically enjoy Madea movies seemed to like this one, giving it a 76% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. The CinemaScore audience polling service gave the movie an “A-” grade, further indicating that the film resonated with Tyler Perry’s core fans.

Impact on the Franchise

Madea Christmas was the eighth movie in the Madea franchise, which has been ongoing for over a decade. Despite not being a huge blockbuster hit, the movie still made enough money to be considered a financial success, and it helped to further cement Tyler Perry’s brand as a filmmaker and entertainer.

Madea Christmas is the only Madea movie to be set during the holiday season, which not only sets it apart from the other films in the franchise but also gave it a unique identity among holiday movies in general. It’s possible that the success of Madea Christmas may have led to the creation of other seasonal Madea movies in the future.

Legacy of the Film

Madea Christmas had a significant impact on both Tyler Perry’s franchise and the holiday film genre in general. Here are several subtopics to explore in more detail:

Recommended Madea Christmas Cast

Madea’s Cultural Legacy

Tyler Perry’s alter ego Madea was already a cultural phenomenon by the time Madea Christmas hit theaters in 2013. The character had been featured in several other movies, stage plays, and even a TV show. However, Madea Christmas marked the first time the character was explicitly associated with a holiday theme.

The movie’s success only solidified Madea’s position as an iconic figure in American pop culture. Madea’s blunt, no-nonsense wisdom, and rough-around-the-edges persona has resonated with audiences of all ages, races, and backgrounds. Her portrayal of a strong, independent African American woman has also served as an inspiration for many.

The Franchise’s Economic Impact

Tyler Perry’s Madea franchise has been a significant economic powerhouse for both the filmmaker and the studio that produced the films. Madea Christmas was no exception. The movie had a budget of $25 million and went on to gross over $53 million worldwide at the box office.

But the franchise’s financial success doesn’t end there. The Madea character has been a driving force behind merchandise sales, including clothing, mugs, and other branded products. The franchise’s impact has been felt outside of the box office and has contributed to the wider entertainment industry.

Recommended Madea Christmas Cast

Holiday Movie Genre Influence

Madea Christmas played an influential role in reinvigorating the holiday movie genre, which had been relatively stagnant in the early 2010s. The movie helped rekindle a love for Christmas movies and reminded audiences of the joy and warmth that holiday films can provide.

The film’s success also led to the creation of other holiday-themed Madea movies. Tyler Perry’s A Madea Christmas was released in 2013, a direct-to-video sequel, Boo! A Madea Halloween, in 2016, and a theatrical sequel, Boo 2! A Madea Halloween, in 2017. These films capitalized on the holiday genre and Madea’s iconic status.

Impact on Representation in Media

Madea Christmas’s cast featured many African American actors in prominent roles, continuing Tyler Perry’s efforts to prioritize representation and diversity in his films. Perry has been a vocal advocate for creating more opportunities for people of color in both the entertainment industry and wider society.

The movie also highlighted the importance of diverse storytelling. It presented a unique perspective on the Christmas holiday and introduced audiences to different traditions and customs. Madea Christmas helped set the stage for other films featuring diverse casts and a wide range of stories that challenge traditional, mainstream narratives.

Recommended Madea Christmas Cast

Madea Christmas helped redefine the holiday movie genre while also contributing to the wider cultural conversation around representation and diversity in the entertainment industry. The film’s impact can still be felt years after its release, as Tyler Perry continues to create new Madea-themed content and expand the character’s cultural reach. Madea Christmas is a prime example of how stories can have a lasting impact on audiences and society as a whole.


In conclusion, “Madea Christmas” cast left an indelible mark on the Tyler Perry franchise and the holiday film genre. The film did an excellent job of conveying the holiday spirit while staying true to its comedic roots. Tyler Perry’s performance as Madea was on point and matched with the equally talented cast, including Chad Michael Murray as Tanner McCoy and Anna Maria Horsford as Eileen McCoy.

The supporting cast also played their roles exceptionally well, notably Larry The Cable Guy as Buddy and Tika Sumpter as Lacey, who added depth to the storyline with their respective story arcs. The film’s production team executed an impressive job as the filming locations provided an appropriate holiday setting while the director and screenwriters crafted a well-paced and engaging storyline.

The film’s commercial success was also a testament to its quality. Upon release, “Madea Christmas” earned over $16 million in its opening weekend gross, and eventually hit $52 million in box office revenue in total. The audience’s reception was generally positive, with many praising the film’s message of love and family.

Recommended Madea Christmas Cast

Finally, the legacy of the film is a story of its own. The Tyler Perry franchise has continued to thrive, and “Madea Christmas” remains a popular watch during the holiday season. The film also paved the way for other holiday-themed comedies and added to the holiday spirit in cinemas. Overall, “Madea Christmas” cast has cemented its spot in cinematic history.