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How to be the Best Version of Yourself

14 November 2020

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There is a famous quotation that says “You are confined only by the walls, you build yourself.” Human being always underestimates himself. Human has potential to do almost anything. Nothing is impossible when you have the wills and determination for it. Every person on this cosmos has a hidden himself. When unleashed, can reveal the true powers of that individual. But this process has no shortcuts, it requires great determination and willingness. 

There are many proven ways through which you can become the best version of yourself. The first way is to understand and accept yourself. It is about determining the aim of your life, and the direction in which you should be heading in, even if you have to go against the tide and stay alone and fight against your own demons. As you determine you aim of life, next, set meaningful life goals and set deadlines to them. Always make sure that you never compromise on your goals.

The true power within yourself can be disclosed through reading as many books as you can. Because through reading you can learn about people’s experiences and lessons. You can learn many new things each day just by reading few pages of a book. Always adapt the reading habit, surely it will change your life.

Furthermore, staying positive can bring out the best version of yourself. You have to hope for the best and always be prepared for the worst scenario. Always energize yourself with positive energy. There is a great book you should read to learn this habit; The power of positive thinking by Dr. Norman Vincent. A good habit can change your life, some of the best habits you can embrace include: daily exercise, help others, learn new things each day, act responsibly, identify opportunities, act proactively, meditate, and practice gratitude.

Remember there are no secrets and shortcuts in life, never opt for them. Always weigh your strengths and be ready to identify your weaknesses. Always make sure that you celebrate small victories and you accept failures. Because life is all about learning from your mistakes. If you practice all the above mentioned principles, then there is nothing that can stop you from living a prosperous and joyful life.