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How High will Ethereum Go in 2021

28 March 2021

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Experts in the crypto community have predicted Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap will surpass $10k before the end of 2021.


But for Ether (Ethereum’s currency) to achieve this, it has to reach a market cap of one trillion. Currently, as of writing, Ethereum's market cap is sitting at $200billion, and trading at $1700.


Enthusiast in this space believe Ether’s rise might happen as 2021 has seen a massive increase in popularity in using Ethereum's blockchain for many applications, including decentralized finance. And also, Ethereum has made significant progress in rolling out upgrades that will solve its issue of scalability and make transactions with ether similar to transactions on Visa and Mastercard.


“Ethereum offers the best risk to reward ratio in the entire crypto space”, as stated by a crypto strategist, by the name David Grider. Adding that “blockchain computing could be the future of the cloud”. Ethereum offers a platform for different parties to agree on something on its blockchain, issuing smart contracts as proof of agreement. Different sectors in the economy, including individuals, are already taking advantage of this. Participants will only increase from now on.


Decentralize finance enables people to run transactions with no third parties such as banks. The significant increase in defi shows people are no longer trusting our traditional banking system. Most DeFis are built on Etheruem's blockchain.


Guess what? Ethereum is currently undergoing an upgrade. So proportionally, Ether has the potential to reach $10k United States dollars before the month of May if the more significant part of its upgrade finally rolls out, increasing usability and encouraging new participants to get into this space.

What happens Next?

Short Answer; Ethereum will go straight to the moon!