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Bitcoin Now Over $50k - Is it too late to Invest?

16 March 2021

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This has become a question most people ask on the internet. Just like you, everyone wants to reach their financial freedom. So they hope their investment, especially in bitcoin will make them rich. Before you think about the question in your mind, my simple answer is NO! It’s never too late to invest in Bitcoin.

Investing in bitcoin requires patience, following its supply and demand, bitcoin’s price has its ups and downs like other markets. Many people made the mistake of buying high and selling low, and you don’t want to make that mistake.

Have you been paying attention to the bitcoin news recently? You will discover that corporations have begun to enter the bitcoin market. Looking for ways to protect their wealth, they decided upon bitcoin. Here is some bad news for you, bitcoin reached $60,000 per coin, meaning that you are not too early to get into bitcoin, but you are not late either.

The investment market offers a lot of opportunities and things to invest in. It's a huge part of our lives. What has got everyone’s attention recently is the cryptocurrency market, with bitcoin as its leader and most popular crypto of all.

With the likes of Tesla, Square, Microstrategy and a few other companies buying bitcoin, bitcoin has risen to a price of over $50,000. These companies just invested in bitcoin, meaning that if this trend continues, the price will go up at a record pace.

So whatever your reason for investing in crypto is, if you are an average person just trying to begin investing, or begin to improve your life. Having one full bitcoin may already be out of your reach, and this is one of the reasons why people buy altcoins.

You will realize that you don’t need to own a full coin when you fully understand bitcoin. The CoronaVirus pandemic has changed the game, making the bitcoin proposal much more understandable and desirable.

Let’s get back to your idea of being late to get rich with bitcoin. Invest some money into bitcoin, learn about it, and keep investing. The point is, you need to get off zero. Even if you will not make crazy gains like the early adopters, there’s still a chance to get rich. If the adoption continues to spike up, we could have a great cycle and prices could get out of hand.

As bitcoin approached a new all-time high near $50,000 some many people stopped buying bitcoin. Thinking they would buy the dip when the price goes down but that dip never came, and bitcoin became more expensive.

To be honest with you, you will not get rich by just investing $100. Investment normally involves money to make more money. During this bull run, I accumulated as much as I could and so far; it has paid off very well for me.

You need to keep adding to your portfolio, and it will eventually become much bigger in the long run. Owning just 0.15BTC could one day be enough to make someone rich; most especially if bitcoin becomes a world reserve currency some day. It could become a cornerstone in your portfolio even if it doesn't make you rich. Always remember, you don’t need to own a full bitcoin to make great gains.