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Belle Halloween Costume

Recommended Belle Halloween Costume

The Story Behind the “Belle” Character and How It Became a Popular Halloween Costume Choice

When it comes to Disney princesses, Belle from “Beauty and the Beast” is undoubtedly one of the most beloved characters. With her curious nature, book-smarts, and kind heart, it’s no wonder that so many people are drawn to her story and personality. However, it’s not just her charming traits that have made Belle a popular choice for Halloween costumes – there’s also a rich history behind her character that dates back several decades.

The Creation of the “Beauty and the Beast” Story

Although most people are familiar with the Disney animated movie of the same name, the story of “Beauty and the Beast” actually has roots in a French fairy tale that was first published in the 18th century. The original story, called “La Belle et la Bête,” has been adapted countless times throughout the years, with various versions appearing in literature, film, and other media. However, it wasn’t until Disney’s 1991 movie that the tale truly gained widespread popularity in the United States.

Inspiration for the Character of Belle

In the original fairy tale, the main character is simply referred to as “Beauty” – but when Disney began developing their version of the story, they decided to give her a more distinct personality and backstory. According to the filmmakers, Belle was inspired by a number of real-life women, including Katharine Hepburn and Judy Garland. They also drew inspiration from Belle’s voice actress, Paige O’Hara, who helped shape the character’s personality and appearance. For example, they decided to give Belle brown hair instead of the traditional blonde, in order to match O’Hara’s coloring.

The History of “Belle” Halloween Costumes

Given Belle’s popularity as a Disney princess, it’s perhaps unsurprising that her character has been a go-to choice for Halloween costumes for many years. However, the exact timeline of when “Belle” costumes became popular is not entirely clear. It’s likely that the trend began shortly after the movie was released in 1991, but it’s also possible that it took a few years for the costumes to catch on.

Recommended Belle Halloween Costume

Regardless of when the trend began, “Belle” costumes are now a common sight at Halloween parties and events. There are countless options available, ranging from simple DIY costumes to elaborate store-bought ensembles. Some people opt to dress as Belle specifically, while others incorporate her yellow ballgown into their own creative costume ideas. Regardless of the approach, it’s clear that Belle’s popularity as a character shows no signs of fading any time soon.

Finding the Perfect Belle Halloween Costume

Halloween is just around the corner, and for those looking for a unique and beautiful costume option, Belle is always a popular choice. This Disney princess character from “Beauty and the Beast” has captured the hearts of many with her intelligence, kind heart, and stunning ball gown.

DIY Belle Costumes

For those who enjoy a hands-on approach, creating your own Belle costume allows for complete creative control. To start, a yellow floor-length gown is a must. Pair the dress with a white blouse with puffed sleeves, black flats, and a simple white apron to complete the iconic Disney look. For a DIY touch, add gold ribbon accents to the dress hemline and sleeves. A blue ribbon in the hair or a simple flower crown also adds a finishing touch.

Popular Store-Bought Belle Costumes

If DIY is not your thing, there are countless store-bought options available for a Belle costume. The popular Halloween store Spirit Halloween carries a variety of officially licensed Belle costumes for both adults and children in sizes ranging from petite to plus sizes. Other stores such as Amazon and Target also offer Belle costumes at affordable prices.

Recommended Belle Halloween Costume

Quality Over Price

While budget is a consideration for many when selecting a Halloween costume, it’s important to consider the quality of the costume. Spending a bit more on a higher quality costume can make all the difference in both appearance and comfort throughout the Halloween night. In addition, investing in a well-made costume can be reused for future costume events or even as a cherished keepsake.

Consider the Setting

When selecting a Belle costume, it’s important to consider the setting of the event. If attending an outdoor Halloween party, a shorter or more practical dress may be the safer outfit choice. For events held indoors, a more elaborate and formal version of the iconic gown may be suitable.

Accessories to Complete the Look

Completing the Belle costume look requires attention to detail, such as adding accessories. A pair of simple black flats or Mary Janes can be paired with white knee-high stockings for an accurate representation of Belle’s footwear. Adding a tiara or necklace can complete the look and add some glamour to the costume. For those with longer hair, styling strands into voluminous waves with a center parting closely resembles Belle’s signature hairstyle.

Finding the perfect “Belle” Halloween costume can be a fun and exciting process that allows for creativity and personalization. With a mix of DIY and store-bought options and attention to detail, any Halloween reveler can become a Disney princess for a night.

Recommended Belle Halloween Costume

Ways to Accessorize a “Belle” Halloween Costume to Make it Stand Out

A “Belle” Halloween costume is a popular choice, and while the outfit itself is iconic, there are plenty of ways to accessorize it to make it stand out from the rest. Here are some tips to help you take your “Belle” costume to the next level:


One way to add some extra sparkle to your “Belle” costume is to accessorize with jewelry. Belle is known for her iconic yellow ballgown, so it makes sense to go with gold or yellow jewelry to complement the look. A simple pendant necklace or a pair of elegant drop earrings can add some extra sophistication to your costume without going over the top.


Belle’s hairstyle is just as iconic as her gown, so make sure to get it right when you’re dressing up as this beloved character. If you have long hair, consider putting it up in a high ponytail or a half-up, half-down style, and add a few loose curls for extra volume and bounce. Adding a headband or hair clip can also help complete the look.


While Belle’s yellow ballgown might be the star of the show, make sure to pair it with the right shoes. A simple pair of closed-toe pumps in a neutral color like white or beige can keep the focus on the dress, but if you want to go all out, consider wearing a pair of yellow or gold flats to match the gown.

Recommended Belle Halloween Costume


When it comes to makeup, less is often more when it comes to dressing up as Belle. Stick with a natural look and focus on enhancing your features rather than going for a bold and dramatic look. A light dusting of pink blush, a neutral eyeshadow palette, and a simple, glossy lip can help tie the look together.


Consider adding a prop or two to your “Belle” costume to really make it stand out. While a simple basket filled with books might be a bit too on the nose, a small rose or a teacup can be a subtle nod to Belle’s personality and interests without going overboard.

By accessorizing your “Belle” Halloween costume with jewelry, the right hairstyle, shoes, makeup, and even a prop or two, you can take this beloved character to the next level and really stand out from the crowd. Best of all, these accessories are easy and affordable to find, making it simple to create the perfect look for your Halloween party or event.

Creative Costume Ideas for Groups or Couples Incorporating a “Belle” Theme

When it comes to Halloween, group costumes or couple costumes always turn heads and steal the show. Incorporating a “Belle” theme to your group or couple costumes is a great way to add a touch of elegance and sophistication. Here are some creative costume ideas that you can try out with your friends or significant other:

Recommended Belle Halloween Costume

1. Beauty and the Beast:

Form a group of four or five, with one person dressing up as Belle, another as the Beast, and the rest as the other characters like Gaston, Lumiere, and Cogsworth. This theme allows every person to play an important role in the story and showcase their creativity in their costumes.

2. Disney Princesses:

Create a group of fellow Disney princesses, with Belle being the centerpiece. You could have friends dress up as Cinderella, Snow White, Jasmine, and Rapunzel. Dressing up as a Disney princess is sure to turn heads, and you can put your creative spin on each costume.

3. Masquerade Ball:

Create a magical evening and dress up in your finest masquerade attire. Have everyone wear masks and Belle-inspired costumes complete with full skirts and gloves. You can even customize each mask with a Belle-inspired detail, like a rose or a teapot.

4. Enchanted Forest:

Create a mystical and magical atmosphere with costumes inspired by the enchanting forest Belle discovers in the Beast’s castle. Dress up in costumes featuring squirrels, rabbits, birds, trees, and flowers. Not only will this theme make for stunning costumes, but it can also give you an opportunity to showcase your DIY skills with creating custom props and add-ons.

Recommended Belle Halloween Costume

5. Disney Villains:

For a more dramatic and sinister touch, consider choosing villains from the Disney universe. Have your Belle dress up in her iconic yellow gown, and your friends can take on the role of well-known Disney villains like Ursula from The Little Mermaid, Cruella de Vil from 101 Dalmatians, Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty, and the Evil Queen from Snow White.

By incorporating a “Belle” theme to your group or couple costumes, you are sure to turn heads and impress your friends and guests with your creativity and elegance. Whether you choose to go the classic or the more dramatic route, there are endless possibilities for creating unique and unforgettable costumes.

The Popularity of “Belle” Costumes in Recent Years

In recent years, the “Belle” Halloween costume has become increasingly popular, making it a trendy and fashionable choice for the holiday. There are several reasons why this character has gained such a following in the Halloween costume world.

Disney’s Live-Action Adaptation

One significant factor contributing to the increasing popularity of the “Belle” Halloween costume is the release of Disney’s live-action adaptation of “Beauty and the Beast” in 2017. The movie was a massive success, both critically and commercially, and sparked renewed interest in the classic tale as well as the character of Belle.

Recommended Belle Halloween Costume

The live-action adaptation featured Emma Watson as Belle, who brought a fresh and empowering perspective to the beloved character. Her portrayal showed Belle as a strong and independent woman who values her intelligence and independence over superficial qualities, making her an even more popular choice for Halloween costumes.

The Timeless Appeal of the Character

The character of Belle has a timeless appeal that makes her a favorite among generations of Disney fans. Her story of breaking stereotypes and finding love has resonated with viewers for decades.

Furthermore, Belle is one of the few Disney princesses depicted as an intelligent and ambitious woman, making her a symbol of empowerment for many girls and women. Her popularity extends beyond Halloween costumes, with Belle-themed products continuing to be popular, such as toys and clothing.

The Versatility of the Costume

Another reason for the continued popularity of the “Belle” Halloween costume is its versatility. There are many different versions of the costume available, from store-bought costumes to DIY options, making it accessible to a wide range of people with different interests and budgets.

Recommended Belle Halloween Costume

The “Belle” costume can also be paired with a variety of accessories, such as a wig, a rose, or a book, allowing wearers to put their own unique spin on the character and the costume.

The Iconic Outfit

One of the most recognizable aspects of the “Belle” costume is her golden ballgown, which has become an iconic part of the character. The dress is instantly recognizable and adds to the overall appeal of the costume.

The ballgown is also versatile, as it can be paired with different hairstyles and accessories to create different looks. For instance, wearing the dress with a loose updo and a pair of gloves can create a more elegant and sophisticated look, while wearing it with a simple ponytail and a pair of flats can create a more casual and comfortable look.

The “Belle” Halloween costume has evolved into an iconic and beloved choice for the holiday. The character’s timeless appeal, versatility, and iconic outfit have all contributed to its enduring popularity. Whether it’s a store-bought costume or a DIY creation, dressing up as Belle provides a chance to embrace one’s inner princess and celebrate the empowering qualities of this beloved Disney character.

Recommended Belle Halloween Costume

The Best Occasions or Events to Wear a “Belle” Halloween Costume

Halloween is not the only occasion to wear a “Belle” Halloween costume. If you are a fan of the character and want to wear her look to other events or occasions, here are some ideas.

Costume Parties

Costume parties are a great occasion to show off your “Belle” Halloween costume. Whether it is a birthday party, a movie-themed party, or any other occasion that calls for costumes, dressing up as “Belle” is a great way to stand out and make an impression. If you are part of a group, you could also encourage your friends to dress up as other Disney characters to complete the ensemble.

Cosplay Events

Cosplay events are gatherings where people dress up as their favorite characters from various movies, TV shows, video games, and other pop culture phenomena. If you are a fan of cosplay, dressing up as “Belle” is a great choice. You can attend various cosplay events dressed as “Belle” and connect with other Disney fans who share your passion.

Disney-Themed Events

Disney-themed events are another occasion to wear a “Belle” Halloween costume. Whether it is an annual passholder event, a Disney-inspired wedding, or a Disneyland trip, dressing up as “Belle” is a great way to show your love for the character and the Disney franchise as a whole. Make sure to take plenty of photos and capture all the memories of your special day.

Recommended Belle Halloween Costume

Charity Events

Charity events can be an excellent opportunity to wear your “Belle” Halloween costume for a good cause. For example, you could participate in a charity walk or run while dressed up as “Belle” to raise money for a worthy cause. You could also volunteer at a children’s hospital or a school event and bring some joy to the kids’ faces while dressed up as their favorite Disney princess.


Yes, you read it right—weddings! If you are a bride-to-be and want to indulge your inner princess, you could wear a “Belle” inspired wedding gown. With a signature yellow ball gown and a beautiful hairstyle, you could channel the elegance and grace of the beloved character on your special day.

A “Belle” Halloween costume can be a versatile and timeless choice for various occasions, events, and parties. Whether you choose to DIY your own costume or buy one from the store, completing the look with the right accessories and hairstyle can help you stand out and make a lasting impression. So, next time you are looking for a costume idea, consider “Belle” and dare to be unforgettable.


In conclusion, the story of Belle from “Beauty and the Beast” has captivated audiences since its debut in 1991 and has become a popular choice for Halloween costumes. With its timeless and magical storyline, it’s no surprise that people continue to choose Belle as their go-to Halloween costume.

Recommended Belle Halloween Costume

Finding the perfect Belle costume can be as easy as visiting a local costume shop or as inventive as creating one from scratch. Many popular stores carry replicas of Belle’s iconic yellow ballgown, complete with the details and accessories that make the costume so recognizable. For those who want a unique and personal twist, DIY options offer endless possibilities for creating a standout Belle costume.

When considering how to accessorize a Belle Halloween costume, there are plenty of options. Jewelry such as a rose necklace or Belle’s signature ear cuffs, as well as a styled wig or hairstyle, can bring the character’s look to life. For groups or couples, incorporating a Belle theme can be a fun and creative idea, with outfits designed for characters such as Gaston or Lumiere.

The popularity of Belle costumes has only increased in recent years as more and more Halloween revelers embrace this timeless character. Belle’s relatable and inspiring qualities, such as her love for books and willingness to see past appearances, continue to resonate with audiences of all ages.

While Halloween night is the perfect occasion to show off a Belle costume, why stop there? From themed parties to special events at local libraries or theaters, there are many other opportunities to wear a Belle costume and share the magic of this beloved character with others. Whether for Halloween or beyond, the charm and elegance of Belle’s character will continue to inspire and enchant for years to come.

Recommended Belle Halloween Costume