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Jquery Card Game – Memory Card Game

A simple and clean jquery code to simulate a basic game of pairing card game. This will show you as much as possible simple scripting on how we can demonstrate jquery by creating this deck game with a simple concept of matching equal values. Play Demo Game:

Ajax File Upload using Drupal 7 Custom Module

This is the continuation of our initially created video about creating a simple script to upload file via Drupal 7. We edited the script to make it an ajax call to upload the file.

File Upload using Drupal 7 Custom Module

In this video, you will learn how to create a simple module in drupal 7. The example shows an upload script utilizing some useful methods available in Drupal 7. This will show step by step instructions how to set up drupal on your local machine and create a custom module to develop a quick file […]

Simple Slider using jQuery

A quick tutorial on how to create a basic slider. This script is very simple and plain and can be easily customized to suit your website. This will give you a swift overview of jQuery effects and manipulating the selector. Feel free to enhance the script.